Terms & Conditions

  1. About Ceramics & More
  • Ceramics & More is based in Gothenburg. 
  •  If you wish to come in contact with us please send us an email at info@ceramicsandmore.se with your questions or opinions and we'll do our best to answer as quickly as possible. 
  1. Orders
  •  After completing  your order a confirmation of your order will be sent to your email adress. Within this confirmation you will see all necessary details regarding your order such as products. price and invoice details. 
  •  If you are to find details that does not seem right let us know immediately via email info@ceramicsandmore.se.
  1. Delivery
  • Normal shipping time in Sweden is 2-5 workdays. Shipping time may vary outside Sweden. Please note that orders made on weekends will be sent as earliest on the monday after.
  • If you experience any delays regarding delivery (without us letting you know of any problems) make sure to contact us at info@ceramicsandmore.se 
  1. Prices
  • All prices in the store are specified in SEK and includes 25 % VAT. 
  •  We reserve the right to change prices on products if: our suppliers give us the wrong price information, misprints in pricelists, if there's a need to adjust prices to maintain a healthy business. 
  1. Withdrawals
  •  When buying products at our website, you as  a customers have statutory 14-day right of withdrawal as soon as you have received your ordered product.

    5.1  Use of your statutory 14-day right of withdrawal
  • You need to let us know that you want a withdrawal of your bought product. The message must be sent to us at info@ceramicsandmore.se. In your email you must state your name, your adress, email-adress, order number together with which products you would like to return. 
  • You should immediately and as soon as possible within your statutory 14 day right of withdrawal return the products to us. 
  • You as a customers will need to pay the shipping of the returned products, delivery and condition of the products and should therefore be sent in well packaged and in original boxes. 
  • On the amount that we repay you we reserve the right to deduct the sum we find necessary if we deem that the sent back product has been used or damaged. 

    5.2 Your statutory 14 day right of withdrawal is invalid if:
  • Products which, because of the health/hygiene reasons, has been sealed and where the seal has been broken by you. 
  • You have bought a customized products which has been customized to your personal needs or liking. 
  • Services which has been completed and where you have agreed with us that the service will start without withdrawals. 
  • Products which state quickly can worsen, food items for example. 
  • Limited editions or single copies of magazines or other prints. 

    To learn more about the statutory withdrawal in Swedish click "här"  här. 
  1. Complaints
  •  We inspect all products before they are sent out to you. Would the product against all likelihood be damaged or badly inspected when received by you we take all responsibility accordingly to current EU and Swedish law on consumer protection acts.
  • You must always contact us for an approval before returning a defect product. 
  • The complaint must be filed as soon as the defect has been noticed.

    6.1 How to file a complaint?
  • Potential wrongs and defects must always be declared to info@ceramicsandmore.se where you specify your name, adress, email-adress, order number and description of the defect.
  • If there are no possibilities to fix the product or deliver a similar product we will give you a full refund according to Swedish consumer protection acts. Acknowledged complaints also includes shipping.
  • We reserve the right to deny a complaint if there is no wrong with your product according to the swedish consumer protection act. We follow the recommendations from The Swedish National Board of Consumer Disputes (ARN). 
  1. Disclaimer
  • We take no responsibility for any indirect damages which can occur because one of our sold products. 
  • Ceramics and More are not taking any responsibility for any delays or wrongs that are out of the companys control (Force Majeure). These circumstances can for example be disputes between employers and employees, fire, war, decision made by goverments, reduced or no delivery at all from supplier. 
  • Further more, no responsibility is taken by Ceramics and More due to changes suppliers or other factors outside of our control that affects the products. 
  1. Product information
  • We reserve ourselves for any misprints on this website and clearance sales. We do not gurantee that the pictures recalls the exact appearance of the products due to differences in screens, quality of the photos & the resolution of these pictures. We always try to expose our pictures in the most accurate way possible. Many of our products are hand made and unique. Some products may slightly differ in various ways from the pictures.
  1. Information regarding cookies
  •  According to law regarding digital information a visitor of websites should in the purpose of integrity be able to know that cookies are being used. The information in the cookie is used to track the users way on the website they're visiting. Cookie is a small textfile which the website you're visiting asks to save to be able to give access to different functions. It's possible to adjust your browser to automatically deny cookies. 
  1. Personal Data
  • By purchasing products at Ceramics and More you accept our data protection policy and the way we use your personal data. We take care of your personal data and integrity and only collect the necessary data needed to take care of your order. We will never sell or pass your data on to any third party without legal basis.  
  • Ceramics & More are responsible for the usage of your personal data which you leave to us as a customer. Your personal data is processed by us to be able to process your order and in cases where you have signed up for a newsletter subscription or special deals to be able to customize the marketing to your individual needs. 
  •  Down below you will find a summary of how we according to store and treat your personal data. 
  • 10.1  What is personal data?
    Personal data is all the information that directly or indirectly can be referred to a physical/non fiction person. 
  • 10.2  Which data do we store? 
    To be able to process your order and also answer your questions related to your order, we store your first and last name, adress, phone number, email, ip-adress and purchase history. 
  • Your data is stored as long as we have the right to do so according to GDPR. This is so that we as an example can complete the agreement between us and you as a customer. 
  • 10.3  Legal Basis
    In connection with your purchase your personal data is processed only to be able to complete the agreement between us. 
  • 10.4  Which data is shared and in what purpose?
    10.4.1Payment Provider
  •  When completing a purchase, information is shared with our payment provider. Name, last name, adress, email and phone number is stored. If you choose to pay with invoice your social security number will also be saved with our payment provider. The information is saved to protect both parties against fraud. The payment provider we use is Klarna. 
  • 10.4.2 Shipping Company
    To be able to complete our agreement we need to share specific data with the company shipping out our products. Your name, last name, adress and also potentially your email and/or phone number in order to let you know when your product has been delivered. The shipping company that we work with is Postnord. 
  • 10.4.3 Nyhetsbrev Newsletter
    If you are a subscriber of our newsletter your name, last name and email is shared with our provider of our newsletter. This is so that we can keep you updated with information and special deals on our website in marketing purpose. 
  • 10.5 Your right to extract data. 
    You have the right to extract all the personal data stored by us. The extract will be delivered digitally in a readable format. 
  • 10.6  Your right to update your information.
    You have the right to ask us to update any wrongs with your information stored with us. You may contact us if there is any information missing. 
  • 10.7 The right to delete your data.
     You may at any given time ask us to delete your data stored with us. There are a few exceptions. As an example we keep the right to keep your data to if necessary on our part to complete any legal obligations from the government. 
  • 10.8 Responsibility of your data.
     Ceramics & More are responsible for storing and processing of your personal data on our website and makes sure the rules are followed.
  • 10.9 How we protect your personal data. 
    We use industry standard SSL/TLS and one way hash function to store, treat and communicate sensitive information such as personal data and passwords in a safe way. We use a swedish platform, Quickbutik, which is runned by Quickbutik AB based in Helsingborg, Sweden. 
  1. Changes to the general terms & conditions. 
  •  We keep the right to at any time make changes in the terms and conditions. Changes in the general terms and conditions will be displayed online on the website. The changed terms and conditions are considered accepted by when visiting and/or ordering anything from the website. 
  1. Disputes and choice of law
  •  http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr In the occasion of an unsolvable dispute between customer and Ceramics & More you as a customer can turn to The National Board for Consumer Disputes. For any residents within the EU but outside Sweden you may leave your complaint online to the EU commission's platform for arbitrates in disputes,  http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr
  • Vid eventuell tvist följer vi beslut från ARN eller motsvarande tvistlösningsorgan. If there is a dispute we follow the rules and decisions from The National Board for Consumer Disputes or corresponding organization. 
  •  Dispute occuring because of the intepretation or the application of our terms and conditions will be interpreted in the accordance of swedish law.