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Variety: Pacamara
Processing: Anaerobic red honey
Altitude: 1500 m.a.s.l.
Harvested: March 2020
Taste notes: Elegant and complex with notes of rose hip and honeycomb

250 grams of whole beans roasted for filter. 

It makes sense to us that this coffee, the very first anaerobic processed lot we are genuinely excited about, comes from our old friend Gilberto Baraona. A pioneer among coffee producers, Gilberto lead the way many times before, and again with this coffee. A couple of years back, when we started seeing ”anaerobic” lots on more cupping tables, we were hesitant. Removing oxygen from the fermentation makes a lot of pressure build up in the vessel, which forces, or infuses, flavour into the coffee. If this process isn’t perfectly clean you’ll end up with coffee tasting like a dirty barrel. If the fermentation suddenly turns aerobic and the temperature rises, you’ll have vinegar. This lot on the other hand has a flavour profile of rose hip and honeycomb, just like a perfectly ripe coffee cherry. It’s also a clean and deeply sweet cup, the trademark of Gilberto Baraona and his farm Los Pirineos.

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