Vara Blanca - Honey Geisha & Etiope

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Leverantör: Kafferäven Per Nordby

COUNTRY Costa Rica  REGION Santa Maria de Dota, Tarrazu  ALTITUDE 1850-2050masl VARIETY Geisha & Etiope PROCESS Honey  PRODUCER Mario Merin

Vara Blanca is a family run farm located in the Tarrazue region. Vara Blanca started over 50 years ago by Marios grandfather. Mario took over operation in 2010 and slowly transformed production towards the speciality market. We first bought their coffee in 2015 when Mario felt he was ready for a direct trade. Mario have secured a high quality production and use innovative methods to secure fermentation and drying. This lot is a Geisha & Etiope mix with a honey process that are pulped on the farm and then dried on shaded beds in Marios mothers rose garden.