Senel Campos - Anaerobic Catuai - Costa Rica - Kafferäven

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COUNTRY Costa Rica  REGION Brunca  ALTITUDE 1400-1700 masl VARIETY Red Catuaí  PROCESS Natural Anaerobic  PRODUCER Senel and Allan Campos 

Senel Campos and his son Allan work and live on their farm La Toboba. Over five years, they have turned from being dependent on a coop to become an independent mill with full controll of their harvest and post-harvest process. We can clearly see the development and taste the improvement over the years we have worked with Senel and Allan. This lot is an anaerobic natural. Coffee cherries are fermented in closed tanks for 100 hours, and then dried for 30 days in shaded greenhouse. The process give this coffee a winey taste and its unique flavor profile.