Ojo de Agua "Eye of the Storm" - Washed Caturra - Nicaragua - Kafferäven

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Leverantör: Kafferäven Per Nordby

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COUNTRY Nicaragua  REGION Mozonte, Nueva Segovia  ALTITUDE 1400-1600 masl VARIETY Caturra PROCESS Washed / Våtförädlat  PRODUCER Ali Herrera 

Ojo de Agua means “eye of the storm” - a name Ali Herrera gave to the farm due to the vast amount of rain in this region. Ojo de Agua  is located in Mozonte, Nueva Segovia, which is one of the highest points in Nicaragua. The area is wet, cold and soil is rich, and this region is well known for the quality of his coffee. Most of the producers here have small farms and are hard workers. Love and patience are essential for success. This lot is fully washed and cherries are picked ripe, pulped at the farm and dried on beds for 15 days