Bensa - Washed Hierloom - Ethiopia - Kafferäven

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Leverantör: Per Nordby

COUNTRY Ethiopia REGION Sidamo, Bensa, Logita ALTITUDE 2100 masl  VARIETY Heirloom PROCESS Washed PRODUCER Heleanna Georgalis 

Heleanna Georgalis is one of our favorite producers, and we are excited to be back in business with her. In 2017 her company took over a washing station in Sidamo Bensa where this coffee comes from. Heleanna know that having a station is the best way to push quality forward. This way she can control the post harvest process and work close with the surrounding farmers. In terms of flavor Bensa is her favorite areas for its flavor and potential and we can only agree.

This lot is a washed process where coffee is pulped and fermented in tanks for 36 hours, then soaked for a few hours before they are dried on African beds.