Kenya Komothai AA - SL28/SL34 - Gringo Nordic

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This micro lot comes from 30 small family farms in the area
Ngewa-Komothai in the Kiambu region. Producers peel, ferment and dry their own coffee before mixing for export. Many of the producers have cows and grow organic; they only use coffee peel and curd as fertilizer for their coffee trees.
This is a hugely complex coffee with tropical fruit, black currants and caramel in character. Good in all conceivable brewing methods, not least as cold brewing.

Location: Ngewa-Komothai; Kiambu, Kenya
Quality: AA
Type: SL 28 / SL 34 (80%), Ruiru 11 (15%), Batian (5%)
Altitude: 1600-1900 meters
Growers: Ngewa Komothai producer group
Processing: Washed
Drying: Sun

Harvest period: February

Lot size: 300 kilos