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At 1970 meters, Aura Eliza Nupan grows this Natural Caturra, the cornerstone of Colombia's coffee plantations. Her farm La Estrella is located in the Nariño region, on the border with Ecuador. The humid climate is perfect for growing coffee, but the high humidity is challenging for drying coffee. Therefore, the berries are dried after harvest in a special dryer, where they are exposed to the sun during the day, to give the coffee an even moisture. At night, the berries are covered to avoid the morning dew. All this contributes to the coffee's character of sweet tropical fruit and strawberry.


Location: Nariño, Colombia
Farm: Finca La Estrella
Type: Caturra
Altitude: 1970 meters
Cultivation: Shade
Processing: Berry dried
Drying: Sun.
Harvest period: July-August