El Salvador White Pacamara - Gringo Nordic

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Leverantör: Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters

NOTE! We will collect orders from monday til sunday every week. The coffee ordered will be sent out the week after. This enables us to send you freshly roasted coffee, givning you the best experience!  FRUITY/BALANCED/MILK CHOCOLATE From Gringo Nordic A naturally dried Pacamara from the Magaña family, in the Apaneca region. Each bean has been hand-picked when the cherries are purple, just on the verge of being overripe, and then slowly dried in its own fruit for over a month. This gives the coffee a rich fullness, with tones of plum, nectarine and orange peel. We have known Angel and his family for more than 10 years and are grateful to be able to work with them again, they have awonderful commitment to both environment and quality. The coffee is good in all conceivable brewing methods.

Location: Apaneca, El Salvador Farm: Finca El LIMAR Type: Pacamara Altitude: 1470 meters Cultivation: Shade & Sun Processing: Natural Drying: Raised drying beds Harvest period: January - March Size: 1.5 acres 250 grams of whole beans roasted for filter.