NEW! Christmas Coffee

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Leverantör: Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters

NOTE! We will collect orders from monday til sunday every week. The coffee ordered will be sent out the week after. This enables us to send you freshly roasted coffee, givning you the best experience!  SPICY / FULL BODIED / BALANCED

From Gringo Nordic This is our third edition of the annual Christmas coffee blend! The 2020 Christmas coffee is always a full-bodied & aromatic bland, perfect to enjoy with our without milk.

 This year the beans come from awesome producers in different parts of the coffee-producing world, who all highlight the unique uniqueness of their country's coffee production. The completely different characters create a dynamic and really yummy coffee blend.

 We roast the blend by hand to medium dark, on the most energy-efficient roasting machine on the planet, and it is available both as whole bean and ground. 

 The Christmas coffee consists of the following four coffee beans: • Brazil Fortaleza - Nutty & Soft • Sumatra Gayo U Tani Coop - Spicy & Powerful • Kenya Ndaroini - Fresh & Complex • El Salvador San José - Chocolate & Aromatic 250 grams of whole or ground beans roasted for filter.