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Fazenda Sertão is an 850-hectare farm where 330 hectares are planted with coffee of several varieties, including red and yellow Bourbon, which make up this lot. 

This is a 900 kilo micro-lot where the beans have been dried enclosed in the whole fruit. Naturals form the backbone of the Brazilian coffee industry, but this batch reflects a particularly refined approach to the method where the picking has been extremely controlled and the slow drying has meant a developed fermentation that gives the coffee an incredibly fine fullness and a round caramel sweetness, made for espresso!

Fazenda Sertão is located at over 1,000 meters in Carmo de Minas - the state of Minas Gerais. The farm has an average annual temperature of 18 ºC. The coffee is planted on top of slopes with up to 50% shade-growing trees. It is an important measure to avoid frost, which is common in the region in winter. The shade trees also affect the health of the trees and give a more uniform ripening. In the end, all these steps lead to a better final quality of the beans.

Country: Brazil Region: Carmo de Minas Farm: Fazenda Sertao Producer: Nazareth Dias Pereira Variety / Tree type: Red & Yellow Bourbon Elevation: 1100m - 1450m meters Size: 850 hectares Drying: Berry dried