24 Kaffesmaker (24 Coffee Calendar) PRE ORDER!

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Leverantör: Kafferäven Per Nordby/Björklunds Kafferosteri

Available for PRE ORDER now! Do not forget to choose roast date. 

We are so excited to share that the only christmas calender you need is here! All the coffee are whole beans and roasted by Kafferäven Per Nordby & Björklunds Kafferosteri.

From the roasters: 

Roasted from end of October until end of November. A unique box with 30 grams during 24 days of single origin specialty coffee, with a range from fruity to nutty and a trip across the coffee belt.

We are two roasters who have one thing in common - we love good coffee. We have a lot of unique flavors that we often compare side by side. We enjoy the diversity that exists in the world of coffee! With this box, we also want to give you the opportunity to experience the coffee's wide taste palette. We like to show how origin, bean type, process and roasting-style affect the cup you drink. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do. Johan & Per