Prints by Sweet Sneak (@sweetsneak_cph)

When visiting Copenhagen there are some thing s that the tour books say you must see. The shopping street Strøget, Nyhavn, and the statue of H.C. Andersen's little mermaid are always on the list. We believe there is more to this fantastic city than this! What the tour books have a hard time describing is the feeling of something happening, that there is something bubbling underneath the surface, waiting to surface. One outlet for this force is through the creativity of the women behind Sweet Sneak Studio. They are a food studio, working with some of the largest brands in Denmark, they have a style that is easily recognizable, and they have a passion that reaches far beyond corporate Copenhagen. It is obvious when you meet them that they love what they do. It is hard not to feel energized after seeing their work! We are happy to be able to work with them, to be able to bring some of their work to you.

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